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Tireless globetrotter, born in Udine, Marco lives in Luxembourg. With frequent jumps to the beloved Paris. From such "Eurocentrical" location he constantly flies out to the rest of Europe, United States & Asia, looking (and running) after his business development. Sorta gipsy business man: all his needed belongings fit into a hand-carry trolley.


Marco lives like a bat out hell. Probably due to this, since his young age he’s been fascinated with motors sports. Marco spends his downtime racing motorbikes & enjoying rally’s and drifting’s sessions with a number of friends, some being true legendary professors of high speed (Graziano Rossi, Loris Reggiani & Karl Muggeridge)


No matter where he wakes up, Marco always find out time & energy to practice sports. A jog, a swim or a mountain bike ride, any sport is the only way for him to take the edge off. (at least for a while)

Lectorate Teacher

University of Turin, Italy.
Business Lectorate


University of Turin, Italy.
Business Lectorate


STIA Lecture
Paris, France.
Business Lectorate


Friuli Innovazione
Udine, Italy.
Business Lectorate

From Artificial Intelligence to Tribe Intelligence


Udine University.
Udine, Italy.
Business Lectorate


Torino University.
Turin, Italy.
Business Lectorate


bucharest university
Bucharest, Romania
Business Lectorate


bucharest university
Bucharest, Romania
Business Lectorate


torino university
Torino, Italy
Business Lectorate

Fontainbleau, France
Business Master


sundridge park
London, United Kingdom
Leadership Master


cattolica sacro cuore
Milano, Italy
Economy Degree


liceo bertoni
Udine, Italy
High School Diploma

Strategic Consultant
Business Angel

Fil Tribe
Individual Performance Digital Assistant
Strategic Vision & AI challenges.


World Wide Soccer Accademy
Digital platform support for promising players tracking


Fil Blue
B2C business intelligence.
Founder & Digital Architecture Developer.




Design Electronics
Co-Owner & CEO


we sport
Social Media
Investor & Consultant


porco vino
Social Media
Investor & Consultant


Environmental Monitoring


mind the bridge
Business Foundation
Business Angel


Digital Platform


Italian Angels for Growth
Founder & Member


Design Electronics
Co-Owner & CEO




dm elektron
Industrial Electronics
Co-Owner & CEO


spei orion
Indstrial Electronics
Co-Owner & CEO


lima group

+ we-sport

The social network for all people who play a sport or work with sport. The target is to create the most important sport social network in the world, syncing people who enjoy the same activities and facilitating sports companies to develop their customer base relationship. Founded in Turin in 2009 at the Motor Science Research Center of SUISM, by an idea of Professor Marco Ivaldi together with Dr. Marco Iacuaniello, We-Sport won several start-up contests and got incredible reaction. Sport addicted and intrigued by innovative ideas, Marco could not resist from investing in We-Sport and since then he brings his expertise to the young team, with whom he has established a very enriching friendship even before the great business relationship.

+ porco vino

Porco Vino is a company specialized in Italian wine&food social e-commerce. In 2009 opened its eshop in Japan and expanded the business both in terms of customers and represented suppliers. The Porco Vino team personally selects the best Italian products and suppliers, manages the relations and the sales in the Japanese market, carves the best info out of the products storytelling. Marco supports the project both as business angel & advisor and, again, enjoys a great friendship with the founders Giovanni Segni and Claudio & Eugenio Velitti.

+ enveve

Minteos was founded in 2005 as a spin-off of the Turin Polytechnic with the objective to supply very innovative wireless applications for the Environmental and Industrial Monitoring. Specialized in innovative Wireless Sensor Network based architecture, optimized for Outdoors WSN monitoring applications, Minteos is on the market since 2008. Since 2010 Marco enjoys sharing the investors’ table, together with his friend and Business Angel Ing. Giovanni Contri.

+ gaga

Gaga Sports & Entertainment is a San Francisco based technology company working in the sports and entertainment industry. In 2010, during a business trip in California, Marco has been hosted by Harmut Esslinger & his wife Patricia Roller, who among others, is also co-founder and Chairman of Gaga Sport & Entertainment. That’s how he got to know this project. He had then the opportunity to meet Jamie Pardi, Co-Founder of the company, and have a better picture of the project. Intrigued by sports and by the encouraging results, he decided to invest in. Since then Gaga expands its awareness & markets, today has an astonish clients portfolio (Los Angeles Lakers, Manchester City Fc, NYC City Football Club, University of Washington etc)

+ mind the bridge

During a business trip in California Marco got in touch with Marco Marinucci & Alberto Onetti, founders of the Mind the Bridge organization. The non-profit foundation built to create a bridge between the most creative Italian entrepreneurs & projects together with the Silicon Valley platform - the most exciting ecosystem in the world - allowed Marco to attending several events as a panelist and investing in a number of very promising projects such as We-Sport, Minteos & PorcoVino.

+ iag - italian angels for growth

Sharing the philanthropic vision of the Kauffman foundation, that he visited in Kansas City back in 2007, Marco joined other 8 people to establish the first Italian Business Angels group. Despite he decided to quit the group 3 years later as he could not contribute enough due to his hectic agenda, he’s always looking for new interesting projects to invest in.

+ super//fluo

Having developed a sound B2B electronics industry knowledge, Marco always dreamed about experiencing the challenge of a B2C project. The opportunity rose straight after dm elektron, when the historical Italian tv manufacturer Sèleco hit the floor. Marco had an ambitious goal: relaunch 2 historical Italian brands (Sèleco and Brionvega) positioning them at the top of the design & technology edge and, at the same time, launching the Imperial brand in the consumer mass market. In order to achieve it he set a brand new, young & motivated team, including from his brother Carlo Asquini who became both business partner as Managing Director. Just 7 months after the acquisition, a new Brionvega mini catalogue (Alpha & Doney & Algol Limited Edition) was presented at La Triennale during the Salone del Mobile (April 2007). The event was a success and from that day Brionvega products are sold in the most well-known concept&furniture shops all over the world. In the meantime Marco’s team worked on Séleco’s new products, as Aradio & Primo. In 2 years Super//Fluo grew from zero to 22 mlllion euro turnover, reached the 8% share of the Italian tv mass market with Imperial, launched 20 new products on the international market and employed around 110 people. Everything went well till september 2008, when the international economic crisis suddenly hit also Super//Fluo. Marco did his best in order to keep the company alive, through a chapter eleven procedure. Never giving up, Marco saved the assets, brands and the core of the team, to guarantee a boutique manufacturing approach of the current catalogue.

+ e-voluto

The business results that Marco has lined up in his experience come from some lateral thinking an instinctive luck in selecting the right team members. In his mind, all this has to be always dressed up with this organization & communications skills. Such elements always in mind, together with the passion for tutoring, pushed Marco to start to develop, in collaboration with Gabriel Moya, a web based sorta CRM (Customer Relationship Management software) which, through the years, became a very innovative web based management system, long before the concept of cloud become popular.   

+ dm elektron

In 2001, Flextronics Group, a multibillion euro company specialized in assembling printed circuit boards (PCBAs), owned 3 plants in Italy. One of those plant, the Buja one, 240 employees, was struggling with very bad economic results and planned to be shut down. Exactly what Marco & Dario looked for in order to expand their business perimeter. They bought the plant &, again, they turned the situation around in a few months. When Dario & Marco decided to start developing separate businesses, four years later, they were employing more than 400 people with a group turnover of 50+ million euro. They split their agendas but not their deep friendship.

+ spei orion

Spei Orion, specialized in manufacturing & distributinging printed circuit boards (PCBs),  has been the first company owned by Marco, in direct ownership. A challenging project as Spei Orion was facing very hard cashflow restrictions, being very close to a possible bankruptcy procedure. In order to switch the results trend, Marco worked with no time-limit elbow to elbow with his business partner Dario Melchior. Only 9 months later the company showed very profitable results. They than decided that the time had come to vertically expand the business, heading to funding the dm elektron Group.

+ lima group

Lima Corporate is a global medical device company providing reconstructive orthopedic solutions. Marco joined the group at the age of 26 and quickly became CEO of the company. After having reached astonishing results, Marco quitted Lima corporate to found his own company.   

+ Fil Blue

Development of a very innovative start-­-up in the IRM world (Individual Relation Management)


Adaptive reuse, from historical industrial building to district of knowledge.
The wording “adaptive reuse” refers to the transforming process of a building with a strong and valuable historical and cultural impact, in order to adapt it to a different scope than it was initially built for. Adaptive reuse is therefore a vital approach to preserve the environment and not only increases the local population quality of life but also performs a wider enrichment of a whole region architectural patrimony. Old buildings get quickly unsuitable due to their specific project targets, while different political and economical trends require new spaces within limited timing, too short for cities to be able to build new areas.Adaptive reuse is therefore the perfect solution to allow to diverging expectations to magically match.

the pic-nickers
+ The Pic-nic theory

Marco enjoys drawing simple common sense-based theories, all bizarrely named. One of his favorites is “the pic-nic” theory which simply compares the best business environment to pic-nic events. First of all you attend a pic-nic only if you are a friend or a friend-of-a- friend. You can not attend if you are not previously part of the empathic group. This is why (and how) Marco hired all of his team members, by unexpected meetings and interviews, in a shared taxi or a fancy pizzeria.Then, you have to be aware that in pic-nics each participant brings something for himself and for the rest of the group. No exception. Last -but not least- whenever somebody is "doing something" at a pic-nic he is not working (example: BBQing) but simply sharing his skills with the rest of the group. Happily. A pic-nic always serves the best food in town!

+ Hartmut Esslinger

Harmut is the Frog Design founder, worked for decades for apple. Internationally well- known designer he became by chance friend and “business-father” of Marco. Is one of the few who leaves Marco sistematically with no words, due to his creative lateral deep thinking. A wise and sweet men who has a neverending wisdom to share and to teach. After being involved in designing & companies, nowadays Hartmut prefers to focus himself in teaching to new designers generations at DTMA Institute for Strategic DesignSIVA/Fudan University, Shanghai. Don’t miss his “A Fine Line” book, true pearl of business & personal lessons.

+ Marco Ivaldi

The two Marcos met during a Mind the Bridge event where Prof. Ivaldi was presenting his start-up We-Sport. Begun on business bases, this relation quickly turned into a great friendship. Marco Ivaldi is a young and motivated Professor, works at University of Turin, and has a lot of great interests like writing theater novels and organizing state of the art science-humanistic arts simposiums (Sinapsi Scientifica).

Marco's Profile

+ Claudio & Eugenio Velitti

Brothers & business partners. They share everything with perfect balance. Born in Rome the Velittis began from their early years to travel around the world spending a lot of time in Japan, nowadays their home away from home. After being separated for years due to achieve their studies & professional experiences abroad, both passionate by wine&food, they founded Velitti&Velitti. Marco got to know them through Porco Vino project whereof they are co-founders. That was the beginning of their close relationship that they cultivate spending weekends together with others pic-nickers in their little paradise's corner in Tuscany, enjoying Claudio’s delish dinners & Eugenio finest wines’ selection.

V Brother's Profiles

+ Dario Melchior

They met each other in Lima Group, almost 2 decades ago. They quit the group after 3 years of great work and wonderful results in order to establish they own company. When they worked together in dm elektron they were inseparable, spending business and private time together with their respective families. They had such a special intense relation that a young employee among theirs defined them “Batman&Robin”. They split in spring 2006 to grow independent businesses. Nevertheless friendship is still strongly there. 

+ Gabriel Moya Xarrie

With no doubts the most loyal & committed employee you can ever imagine. Gabriel joined Marco in Spei Orion back in April 2002, since then they never split and created together the Fil Blue System. Originally from Barcelona, Gabriel happily lives in Italy with his Italian family & develops every single project that Marco puts on the table. If you ask Gabriel what are the three most important things in his life he will reply: 1. wife & daughters 2. Marco 3. the dog (sometimes 2 and 3 getting swapped, depends on the mood). 

+ Graziano Rossi

Pilot, motor addict, father of Valentino, Graziano is first of all an incredible character. Ironic, always positive & smiling, hiding a very sharp intelligence behind a easy going behaviors, Graziano loves to organize any kind of event to enjoy a ride with friends. Marco got in touch with him during a MotoGp weekend years ago. Since than, they regularly spend some time together, in Tavullia or in Pordenone, where they have transformed the giant Sèleco parking into a private serious drifting track. 

+ Alan Benedetti

Alan & Marco share a deep friendship since the were in their 20’s. A previous world superbike pilot, he is the owner of one of the largest motorbike dealers in the North East corner of Italy (having dealt official licenses from BMW Motorrad, Triumph Motorcicles, Buell, and currently representing Ducati and Suzuki). Alan shares also a number of non-motorbike projects with Marco. Being always elbow-to-elbow when Marco spends his time in his motherland, Alan is the only one that addresses to Marco with truly unfiltered comments (mainly sharp criticism), nevertheless he provides unlimited personal support. A real "bro".

Alan's Profile

+ Stefania Marcuzzi

Marco offered Stefania a marketing assistant position in dm elektron almost a decade ago, when she was running out university. Since then she’s a well-rounded partner in crime, following and supporting Marco in every project.  Stefania joined E-voluto and contributed to the Fil Blue development. She became then the Super//Fluo’s Marketing&Communication manager giving life to the Super//Fluo brand and repositioning, in terms of values & image, the Brionvega & Sèleco brands. Focused on goals, after 4 intense years, she quitted in order to enrich her career with international professional experiences. Although based in Paris & involved in other projects, she can’t avoid pic-nickers reunions & collaborations with Marco. 

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